Forest Preserve District
of DuPage County

Senior capstone project to rebrand the Forest Preserve District. All work was prototype and not actually in use by the District. 




The website was created using WordPress. It has a built-in content management system that makes it easy to post events in news. It is also responsive for mobile devices.

Click here to view the website live.


Full exterior of Blackwell brochure including backside which contains a map I rendered in Illustrator as well as location and hours information.

Interior gate fold of brochures.

Interior of brochures with 4 panels. They contain information on recreation within each preserves as well as photos, a cut-out photo and a background etching.


All etching are copyright free images from antique etching books on plants and wildlife.

In brochure, cut out photo of Bluegill and Green Heron from Flickr images.

On website many smaller featured images come from Google images and Flickr images.

All macro plant photo used, as well as dragonflies, butterflies, and a few birds, trail images are my own personal photography.