Digital Illustration

All illustrations and design work featured are prototypes, meaning that they were projects created for a college course instead of a client. All the illustrations below were self generated within Photoshop, Illustrator, using personal photography and hand rendered art.

Birthstone Calendar

This calendar combines photography with watercolor textures.

Breathe Dream Create Design Poster

Self promotional poster project, supposed to fold and a be a mailer.

Tea-ser’s TNTea

Exploding lemon illustration was hand rendered, scans and brought into Adobe Illustrator.


Navajo Art Museum Icons

This icons are meant for way-finding. They represent exhibits including pottery, jewelry, shelters, and clothing.  


Halloween Pop-Up Card

The illustrations for this pop-up card were created in Adobe Illustrator. The card is meant to have a glittery glow-in-the-dark varnish on the moth on both the cover and the inside.


PSA Ad for EPA

This Public Service Announcement is about saving money by saving water. All photos were self-taken and modified and combined in Adobe Photoshop.


Dry Country Article Illustration

This illustration is for an article about the drought of 2012. It was rendered in Adobe Photoshop with original photography and scanned images of money.


Crystaralight Chronicles

This five book series of cover was rendered in Adobe Photoshop with scanned in drawings, personal photography, and some digital painting. The Crystaralight Chronicles was a Young Adult fantasy book series I was planning to write. Breathless is a work-in-progress. It’s about a sixteen-year-old girl living in Chicagoland who finds out she a princess from the world called Crystaralight and has to track down other princess from her world and its seven moons.


Red Water

The Red Water book cover is photo I took of my brother in Lake Superior at Porcupine Mountains State Park with slight color modification and a simple reflective typographic effect. The author quote is fake of course since this book is only a concept. This horror book’s premise is that dead bodies are washing up on the shores of Lake Superior, and some supernatural creature may be the killer.

Gottardo_Haley_Red Water Cover

Traditional Illustration

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

This was a self promotion illustration project. It combined multiple watercolor paintings and drawings.

The World Is In Your Hand

This charcoal illustration for Drawing II. It’s about how intertwined our lives are with technology and the world of information is literally are our fingertips.


The Hard Journey

This chalk pastel and charcoal illustration for my final project in Drawing II. It’s about the struggle to survive in order to reach a better place. It was inspired by young adult dystopian novels that feature the theme of coming-of-age and survival. 

Want To See More?

You can see more of my artwork, illustrations and photography here.