Smile Airlines

Class project to create a brand for a new airline.

Business Scenario: We are an airline that offers an affordable, family friendly flying experience with various seating options to make our passengers more comfortable, discount flights, free lap-seating for infants, and in-flight entertainment for the whole family.

Mission Statement: Our goal is to be the most family-friendly airline and make your flight as carefree and fun as possible.

Target Audience: American middle class to upper middle class adults with families traveling for leisure.

Competitors: Frontier, Southwest, Delta, American Airlines, United, Virgin

Brand Attributes: Reliable, friendly, welcoming, accommodating, enjoyable, amusing, simple

The Name: The word “smile” conveys a happy, friendly feeling. It’s what we want our passengers to do when they fly our airline or think of our brand.

Logo: The logo contains a butterfly symbol to suggest flight and convey happiness. The logo type is a customized san-serif. The bright apple green and sky blue represent blue sky and greener horizons.

Tagline: The tagline “mile after mile, smile after smile,” is used to make the brand memorable through the use of rhyming and repetition.


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Icons within green circles on website for Apply for Smile Card, Frequent Flyer, Carry Ons (suitcase icon also used in travel information page illustration), Baggage Checking, Pets, In-Flight Catering, Security and Customs, Seating, are from the Noun Project, therefore not created by me.